PMS Product Colors

Part ID Part Name Show Colors Color Name PMS Match
BU-66 Playa Del Sol Beach Umbrella    
BWI-48 Bamboo Umbrella    
CU-48 Clamp On Umbrella    
FAL-48 Fizz Umbrella    
FFR-39 Mini Umbrella    
FHU-60 Folding Hurricane    
FO-43 Pop Up Automatic    
FO-60 Folding Golf Umbrella    
FOW-48 Wooden Handle Auto    
FPM-39 Pencil Umbrella    
FPR-43 Pink Ribbon Umbrella    
FWI-48 Traditional Wood Handle Umbrella    
HU-62 The Hurricane    
NAI-48 School Golf Umbrella    
NFI-62 Fiberglass Shaft Golf    
NMI-60 Promotional Golf Umbrella    
PM-43 Manual Open Umbrella    
RAL-48 Riviera Umbrella    
SQ-60 Square Golf Umbrella    
Part ID Part Name Show Colors Color Name PMS Match
105 Billboard Lounger    
111 Cool Breeze Lounger    
112 Premium Lounger    
113 Elite Lounger    
116 Beach Chair    
118 The Chairman    
119 Contour Chair    
120 Stadium Chair    
9007 Stadium Seat    
9008 Stadium Cushion    
9010 Beach Mat    
Part ID Part Name Show Colors Color Name PMS Match
7059 Summit Tote    
9001 Sweatshirt Blanket    
9002 Rugby Blanket    
9003 Sherpa Fleece blanket    
9006 Racing Blanket    
9014 Outback Blanket    
9015 Al Fresco Blanket    
9020 Coral Fleece Blanket    
9021 Tie Dye Blanket    
9024 4-in-1 Blanket    
FP180 Promotional Fleece    
FP280CQ Polar Fleece    
FPS Scarf    
Part ID Part Name Show Colors Color Name PMS Match
5045 Picnic / Shopper Basket    
Part ID Part Name Show Colors Color Name PMS Match
5004 XL Chubby Cooler Bag    
5007 Foldaway 12 Pack Cooler    
5009 3 Can Cooler Tube    
5012 Aquatote    
5013 Gym Buddy    
5014 Drink Caddie    
5018 Flip Top Cooler    
5024 Laguna Insulated Tote    
5025 Rally Cooler    
5026 Sedona Rolling Cooler    
5027 Bigfoot Cooler    
5029 Uptown Lunch Cooler    
5063 Beach Picnic    
5100 The Lunchbox    
5102 The Gourmet    
5110 Diamond Stitch Cooler    
5111 The Hampton Insulated Tote    
5112 Tourney Cooler    
5113 Maui Insulated Tote    
5200 Lunch Tote    
Part ID Part Name Show Colors Color Name PMS Match
5058 Drawstring Picnic Pack    
7428CQ Canvas Drawstring Bag - Large    
Part ID Part Name Show Colors Color Name PMS Match
4016 Zebra Duffel    
5023 Contour Insulated Tote    
7004 Metro Tote    
7008 Monsoon Tote    
7011 Campus Tote    
7014 Wallaby Tote    
7017 Nantucket Tote    
7018 Chino Tote    
7019 Riviera Tote    
7022 Contour Tote    
7023 Shopper Tote    
7023 GM Metallic Shopper Tote    
7025 Clip-It Tote    
7026 Town and Country Tote    
7028 Woodstock Tote    
7029 Market Tote    
7035 HRT Morph Sac Heart    
7036 CAS Morph Sac Casino    
7036 SBR Morph Sac Strawberry    
7037 Golf Morph Sac    
7038 BASEB Baseball Morph Sac    
7038 BSKT Basketball Morph Sac    
7038 FBALL Football Morph Sac    
7038 SOCCER Soccer Morph Sac    
7039 Fish Morph    
7040 The Workaholic    
7041 The Getaway    
7042 The Window Shopper    
7050 Fiesta Tote    
7052 Colibri Tote    
7053 Zensational Tote    
7054 Dealmaker Tote    
7055 Luna Tote    
7056 Damask Tote    
7058 Maya Tote    
7060 Shanti Tote    
7061 Dossier    
7062 Islander    
7063 Coral Lattice Tote    
7064 The Alumni    
7065 Vogue Tote    
7200 Show Tote    
7201 Zippered Tote    
7202 The Organizer Tote    
7203 Barrel Duffel Bag    
7204 Large Duffel Bag    
7206 Banker Briefcase    
7207 School Backpack    
7208 La Playa Tote    
7209 Wall Street    
7210 Basic Drawstring Backpack    
7211 Premium Drawstring Backpack    
7212 Large Drawstring Backpack    
7216 Shoreline Tote    
7217 Waterline Tote    
7218 Clipper    
7219 Schooner    
7221 Roundabout    
7222 Walkabout    
7223 Voyager Duffel    
7300 Basic Cotton Tote    
7302 Contrast Handle Tote    
7303 Medium Cotton Tote    
7401CQ Rainbow Tote    
7402CQ Handle Anything Tote    
7403CQ Cutting Edge Tote    
7404CQ Cruise Tote    
7406CQ Boat tote    
7407CQ Triple Band Tote    
7408CQ Promotional Tote Bag    
7409CQ Canvas Jumbo Tote Bag    
7410CQ Fancy Shopper    
7411CQ Canvas Sport BackPack    
7412CQ Economical Tote Bag With Gusset    
7414CQ Promotional Tote Bag w/ Gusset    
7415CQ Canvas Gusset Tote Bag    
7416CQ Canvas Zipper Tote    
7417CQ Canvas Book Bag    
7418CQ Canvas Shopper    
7419CQ Canvas Jumbo Shopper    
7420CQ Canvas Gusset Shopping Tote    
7421CQ Canvas Big Tote    
7422CQ Canvas Gusset Tote w/ Color Handles    
7423CQ Canvas Deluxe Tote    
7424CQ Large Canvas Messenger Bag    
7425CQ Small Canvas Messenger Bag    
7426CQ Canvas Drawstring Bag - Small    
7427CQ Canvas Drawstring Bag - Medium    
7429CQ Canvas Standard Tote Bag    
7430CQ Sport Pack    
7500CQ Drawstring Backpack    
9030 Bayview Sarong Wrap    
Part ID Part Name Show Colors Color Name PMS Match
7602 Medium Length Apron w/ Pouch    
7603 Butcher Apron    
7604NQ Economical Waist Apron 2P    
7605 Cafe Apron    
7606 Bistro Apron    
7607 Wide Apron    
7608NQ Economical Waist Apron 3P    
Part ID Part Name Show Colors Color Name PMS Match
9101CQ Fingertip Towel Fringed    
9102CQ Hand Towel Hemmed    
9106CQ Fingertip Towel Hemmed    
9114WQ Fitness Towel 11 X 44    
9115WQ Fitness Towel 24 X 42    
9130CQ Beach Towel 30 X 60