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#5045 Picnic Basket


A grocery store chain gave the #5045 Picnic Basket as a reward to customers who reached a certain number of points on their membership/loyalty card in a 4 week period. The store worked out a coop deal with one of the BBQ sauce brands they carried to further enhance the promotion. The Picnic Basket was logoed with both the store logo and the BBQ sauce brand logo. Included inside the picnic basket was a coupon for a special deal on the BBQ sauce and a special discount offer for certain cuts of meat from the store. Not only did the store see a significant increase in sales from their loyalty program customers during this period but also recorded a high rate of redemption on the coupon included for the BBQ sauce as well as increased sales in the meat department. The promotion created quite a buzz and many of their customers continued using the insulated picnic basket when they returned to the store to carry their groceries back home.

#7064 Alumni Tote


A well-known corporation recently held a national conference for its top sales people and needed a bag to hand out to each attendee that would hold all their materials. They planned to give each attendee an event shirt, binder, note pad, writing instrument, water bottle and USB memory stick. They were looking for something large enough to hold it all, with 2 exterior water bottle pockets and pen loop. They found the Alumni Tote (7064) from Southern Plus was the perfect fit. It offered every feature they were seeking and more, with the look that suited the professional nature of the event.

National Safety Month

A fortune 500 company was looking for ways to reduce workplace accidents and employee sick days. Studies showed that employee health and fitness could be directly tied to these two areas of concern. First they partnered with nearby fitness centers to offer significant discounts for company employees. Next they added a nutrition and fitness tracker and reward system on their companywide intranet to encourage and incent employees to eat right and track fitness results. At specific milestones, they were rewarded points they could use to redeem for an assortment of lifestyle gifts.

The company wanted a cost-effective gift to give to every employee to launch the new initiative companywide. They chose the Gym Buddy (5013) from Southern Plus. This mini-cooler is the perfect companion when working out, providing an insulated pouch for two bottles of water, an attached metal ring for your fitness towel, a metal carabineer for your keys, and a valuables pocket for wallet and membership card. The printed Gym Buddies were the proof that the Fitness centers used to activate their discounted memberships.

The Gym Buddies were a hit with the employees, used during workouts as well as a multitude of uses in their daily lives. The company reported a 56% reduction in workplace accidents, and a 68% reduction in sick days in the year that followed, and continues in the same trend today.

Booster Club

The 120 Stadium Seat was purchased by a school booster club initially as a gift to their top membership level. The seats could soon be seen at all the school games, resulting in requests from the teachers, students and parents on where they could buy the stadium seats. The booster club therefore ordered more of the stadium seats and started selling them at home games, generating additional profits for the club.

Teachers Appreciation Gift

The 9001 Sweatshirt Blanket is the perfect teacher appreciation gift. It can be used for athletic events at the school where the teachers can show off their school spirit with the oversize imprint on these blankets. However, it can also be used at home while snuggling in front of the fireplace or on a weekend picnic. The versatility of the blanket, in that it can be used both indoors and outdoors, and being unisex makes this a winner!

Cheer/Dance Squad

A high school cheer squad received the 7041 Getaway Duffel to carry their athletic clothes back and forth to practice. It's design is small enough to fit into the locker but still large enough to fit all the gear and then some. It's fashionable and durable crinkle-nylon material makes the duffel nearly indestructible while keeping up with appearances. The school decided to go all out by adding some extra bling to the bag and ordered our Dazzle Imprint rhinestone decoration. This bag quickly became the object of desire at the school!

Resort Reminder and Return Incentive

A 5 star resort that frequently hosted Fortune 500 corporate events wanted to reach out to these guests to entice them to visit again on family vacations. Aside from ensuring the stay was enjoyable in every way, they wanted the guests to leave with a tangible reminder of their great stay. To tie in with relaxing family vacations and pampering, the beautiful and serene 7076 Santorini Tote combined with the light-weight kimono style 9170 Venetian robe was a perfect gift. As an added incentive, included in the bag was an offer for 1/2 off 1/2 day at the spa on the next stay.

The promotion was a huge success with a large percentage of the corporate guests returning within the year for a private stay. Also, the totes provided added exposure for the resort as the guests used it for shopping, running errands, the gym etc. during the year.

Self Promotion / Leave Behind

A top 20 promotional products distributor was searching for a meaningful leave behind item for their reps to use as self-promotion. They wanted something useful that the customer/prospect would utilize, and that might have multiple functions. They didn't have a large budget, but wanted something that would have a higher perceived value.

Solution: The Drink Caddie (5014) by Southern Plus is an open six pack cooler with 6 separate compartments for drinks, and one center channel for an ice block, and an outer pocket on two sides. We recommended they put a different category of promotional product (from other suppliers) in each compartment, and some brochures and a business card in the pockets. We imprinted their company logo on one side, along with their website. It would be the perfect way to showcase new and innovative items that the distributor could provide to the client. They selected a drinkware item, promotional water bottle, writing instruments, a crystal piece, electronic item, an edible promotion, and a journal book. They got other suppliers to donate the items as samples because it was in their best interest to get their samples into the client's hands. It made a very impressive presentation that the reps would leave behind (primarily for new accounts). They reported an extremely high response/order rate from clients who received them.

Breast Cancer Donor Gift

Objective: A national fundraising organization focused on Breast Cancer Awareness was seeking unique donor gifts they could use for donors that gave over a certain dollar amount to their cause. They were challenged to exceed last year's raised funds, and wanted to give this extra-special gift to reward donors for digging deeper. It needed to be unique, functional, practical, memorable, and provide added awareness messaging that would be seen over and over by the recipient as well as others around them when used.

Solution: While Southern Plus had over 25 pink items to offer this organization, the Pink Ribbon Umbrella (FPR-43) was their choice because of its unique "wet print" technology. This pink, folding, auto-open, 43 inch arc umbrella reveals a hidden all-over imprint of the pink breast cancer ribbon when wet. So once it starts raining, hundreds of pink ribbons magically appear and cover the entire umbrella. While "The Cause" was imprinted permanently on one panel, the added surprise of the ribbons made a memorable impression. Their donors were so pleased with the gift, that the organization has put it in their national program.

School Fundraiser

A high school was looking for ways to raise money and sell season tickets for their upcoming Football and Basketball seasons. They had some significant debt from opening a new (larger) stadium, and needed to not only fill the seats, but help pay for them. Their Booster Club knew their normal season ticket price was not going to get it done. They needed to dramatically increase prices, but wanted to add value to offset it.

Solution: They selected three items from Southern Plus to use as gifts with purchase for five levels of participation; the Drawstring Backpack (7500CQ), the Sweatshirt Blanket (9001), and the Stadium Chair (120). To setup, they allotted ample, "prime" seating sections for corporate sponsors and VIPs, and created various other sections with variable price points to suit every budget (much like the professional stadiums do). They offered the Strap Sack for the gift with purchase for first level participation, the Sweatshirt Blanket as level two, the combination of the two items for level three, the Stadium Seat for level four, and all three items for level five and corporate sponsors. They sold mores season tickets than ever before, and at three times the price! All three items were also made available for sale at all the games as a fundraiser. These were the best selling items in the schools history! The blanket doubled as a team banner at the games, and could be folded, inserted into the strap sack and used as a warm seat cushion (for those who didn't have the stadium chair.) The same model was used for the Basketball ticket sales as well. The School was particularly pleased at the way the items all worked together to solve a need for the fan/ticket holder, and ultimately the school!